K Willis

This is the first agency I have worked with and I have to say that from my own experience the team has been great. If I have any questions all I have to do is call or email and I’m given answers very quickly. My consultant has given me some fantastic placements and has been great trying to get me work and has always given me an insight into what to expect from the Schools before I turn up warts and all which is always helpful!

I would highly recommend FFE to anyone either wanting to gain experience as a Cover Supervisor with a supportive and reputable agency that actually cares about their employees and makes no bones about what work will be like. I always look forward to assignments and it’s true that you never know what to expect each day and nine times out of ten you have a really positive and enjoyable time in Schools which really makes you leave at 3.30 with a smile on your face, rather than running for the doors screaming; even the challenging ones!