Cover Supervisor Job-Shropshire LEA

Job Description

Cover Supervisor Job-Shropshire LEA

We need you to join our team of Cover Supervisor’s today!

We are looking for candidates for the role of Cover Supervisor in Shropshire and if you believe you have what it takes, please read on.

Day to day, short and long term supply has never been busier in schools today. Are you looking for a teaching role that offers variety, flexibility? You can work as many hours as you need and gain the experience of working in different schools.

The work on offer is very flexible and works to your availability and preferences. Many schools like to use the same supply teachers for continuity for the children. Schools like to know the quality of learning they are receiving. As a result, if you make a good impression, they will constantly be asking for you back.

How we are operating;

With the current situation regarding COVID-19 our staff and candidate safety is of upmost importance.

We feel we have put in to practice appropriate measures to allow us to continue with our day to day running.

We will contact you by phone for an initial consultation.

You be required to bring original documentation to our office. Be reassured that we have strict containment policies in place so you will not ever be in the same air space as our staff (you will be restricted to our outer lobby area with a glass door between you and our staff), your documents will be handled whilst wearing disposable gloves which will be disposed of after each applicant.

If, on arrival at our office there is another person in the lobby area, please conform to social distancing rules and stand on the pavement allowing the 2 metre gap.

What is a Cover Supervisor?

The role of a Cover Supervisor is important to the day to day running of a school. You will be picking up pre-planned lessons and ensuring that all students are on task and safe. One lesson you could be discussing Shakespeare in the class, the next you can be out in the sun delivering PE.

If you can think on your feet, and thrive under pressure, this role will suit you perfectly.

How will First for Education support you?

We offer you 2 day Cover Supervisor training, free of charge. All aspects of the job are covered and it help you focus with safeguarding and behaviour management in particular. You must attend these sessions before you go into work.

Please call Kim Bircher on 01902 505560 for more information, or submit your CV to

Cover Supervisor Job-Shropshire LEA
Cover Supervisor Job-Shropshire LEA

First for Education Ltd. Is an employment business. We pay up to £350/week, but it is impossible to give an exact rate as we have to take into account experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

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