FAQs and points of interest

Our timesheets are all administered online. Please log into your secure online portal and fill in your timesheets in a timely manner. The process has been streamlined such that it should take you no more than 10-15 seconds to do, so many of our teachers complete them as they walk to their car after a day in class.
When do I get paid?

You are paid weekly in arrears, so the money from any work you do this week will land in your account next week

I have a pay query?
in the first instance, you should contact your payroll provider in relation to any queries about your tax or pay as they are the people responsible, if you feel that your query is not being dealt with in a satisfactory manner, please do not hesitate to then contact us on 01384 444 222

ID Cards
All members of FFE staff are required to wear an ID card at all times within schools. This is a necessity in line with Quality Kite Mark Regulations. If you have not yet received your ID Card, please call the office at your earliest convenience

We would ask that you keep us appraised of your availability at all times, bear in mind that if we have not specifically contacted you and clarified your availability then we are probably making some assumptions which as we all know are not always accurate. It is probably a good idea to contact the office once a week at the minimum to clarify your timetable. If your availability changes, please communicate this to the team.

Do I get paid for my training/CPD
¬†No you don’t. But by the same token, all training and CPD provided by FFE is free of charge, and we endeavour to run all courses after school (with the notable exception of Cover Supervisor training which is a 2 day course)
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