Useful Web Links

Useful Web Links

Thanks to Lynne Williams for supplying the following Useful Web Links. We hope you find them useful

I have been busy seeking out useful links, knock yourself out!

The National Curriculum, sorted by Key Stage

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

The Apex Trust, experts on employing those with criminal records.

Funding, workload and teacher supply – relates to teacher pay.

School Teachers Review Body homepage.

Association of Teachers and Lecturers website (pay and conditions etc.).

Association of Teachers and Lecturers website (pay and conditions etc.).

News and information on all educational issues.

The BBC learning zone

Channel 4 education platform.

Commission for Racial Equality.

The Government’s Criminal Records Bureau website.

Printer-friendly guidance on CRB checks.

Department of Education for Northern Ireland – Teachers’ Pay and Conditions of Service etc.

Supply teachers study by DCSF Value for Money Unit.

DCSF website.

Legal requirements relevant to the use of supply teachers (Circular 7/96).

News and information on educational issues.

Employment Agencies Act 1973 and regulations.

National Grid for Learning.

Teacher resources

The UK’s Employment Service.

Early years site.

GTC, the General Teaching Council for England.

Great free resources

Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000.

United Kingdom legislation (all acts since 1991 located by year).

Protection of Children Act 1999.

Learning & Skills Act 2000.

Special Educational Needs & Disability Act.

Education Act 2002.

Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 769: The Education (School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions) Order 2003.

A Community for Teachers.

Free lesson plans

Guardian Education website

Protection of Children Act 1999.

Local Government Commission for England.

Literacy platform.

This site will give detailed driving directions from your home to the school by entering postcodes. This is one of the best free map sites on the web.

NARIC is the organization which confirms the value of qualifications gained overseas.

National Association of Schoolmaster / Union of Women Teachers website (pay and conditions etc.).

National Curriculum.

National Grid for Learning.

Standards and Quality in Education 2000/2001 – Ofsted report.

The Office of Standards in Education website. Including teachers’ early professional development but much more!

The Professional Association of Teachers website.

Primary school teacher resources

The Qualifications and Curriculum (QCA) Authority.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation website.

Educational resources

Teaching news and resources

Scottish Criminal Record Office.

Music platform.

The Standards site. Raising Standards of Education in schools

The return-to-teaching website.

The Stationery Office, National Curriculum documentation.

Assistance with Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Generally useful link!

DCSF Circular 2002/0278.

Generally useful site.

Generally useful area, including study materials for CPD.

National Union of Teachers.

National Association of Schoolmaster / Union of Women Teachers website (pay and conditions etc.).

Free teaching resources for primary teachers.

Free teaching resources for Secondary and HE English teachers.

All about the Teacher Training Agency – lots of useful information ranging from how to become a teacher, support once training, and current press releases.

On-line version of the education newspaper

A free collaboration service to support school managers and teachers in the effective use of ICT.

News and resources


Virtual teacher centre, news and educational support

Providing a unique service to teachers – quality worksheets at the click of a button!

Useful Web Links

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