Cover Supervisors

What is a Cover Supervisor?


In 2007, the government at the time was looking to reduce the amount of time teaching staff spend covering absent colleagues.

To achieve this, they introduced a new job role of ‘Cover Supervisor’ into the classroom.

A Cover Supervisor is someone who is looking to gain experience in the classroom but doesn’t necessarily have a teaching qualification. They are similar in many ways to a teacher, but they are only responsible for delivering pre-set work to the class.

Working as a Cover Supervisor can be extremely rewarding but also very demanding. There is a high level of responsibility and although there is always a Teacher close at hand if needed, there is a large degree of autonomy.

A Cover Supervisor is likely to be used for short-term absences of a teacher. These might be known in advance (for example, where a Teacher has a medical appointment or is undergoing professional development) or unexpected (for example, absence due to illness).

Responsibilities of Cover Supervisors typically include:

Supervising subject work that has been set by the class Teacher

Interacting with pupils to assist with learning and teaching

Ensuring that pupils remain focused on their work

Dealing with any immediate problems or emergencies

Reporting back on the behaviour of pupils during the class, and any issues arising

What makes us different to all other agencies?

As an agency, we are committed to providing you with the best teaching experience possible. In order for us to achieve this, we start with an in depth training course (free of charge, of course) that will include an introduction to:

Classroom management

Teaching and learning styles

How to engage pupils

How to organize a purposeful lesson

The basics of how schools operate and what systems will be in place to support you

The training days will include a mix of activities which will be informative, eye opening, thought provoking and hopefully fun! Once the course has been completed (after typically 2 days) you will receive a Certificate that will prove to employers that you have undertaken the course successfully. We will then immediately place you into work at one of the many schools that use us across the West Midlands.

During your time with First for Education you will have unlimited access to your training manager on a day to day basis to celebrate any successes or to discuss any potential areas for development. He can offer support ranging from advice over the phone to a fully involved training session on a particular matter helping to make your experiences at school as enjoyable as possible.

We will also enrol you on our structured programme of CPD (continued professional development) alongside our fully qualified teachers in order that you continue to develop. You will also have regular contact with the group you trained with in order that you can exchange ideas, swap stories and learn from each other’s experiences. This approach is, as far as we are aware, unique in the supply teaching industry. No other agency will take as good care of you as we will.

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