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Established in 2004, First for Education has long since proved itself to be a highly-reputable supplier of teachers which caters for short-term supply needs as well as filling long-term and permanent roles. Technically (if such distinctions enthral you) we’re therefore classed as both an ‘employment business’ and an ‘employment agency’. And we deal with teachers and lecturers as well as classroom assistants and cover supervisors.

Importantly we’re family-owned-and-operated. So we’re not a national organisation although we’ve a pretty impressive footprint in the West Midlands. Unlike many of the biggest players in the sector we are not a ‘faceless’ organisation, not least because our consultant churn-rate is very low and because our professional performance has enabled us to develop enduring relationships with clients and educators who choose to stay with us for one academic year after another.

Those enduring relationships are critical in an era when there has never been a bigger spotlight on those who interact with children. Consequently the complexity of the screening process has become an unwieldy administrative burden for many hard-pressed headteachers who recognise the logic in outsourcing the tasks involved.  Of course recruitment is risk-laden. Schools have to be risk-averse. And our clients know that, because ultimately the buck stops with them if something goes wrong, they cannot afford to outsource the hiring process to anybody who might be tempted to take short-cuts.

We understand the complexities of the task and the laws involved. Our consultants are trained to understand everything from the ‘Swedish Derogation’ model to the ‘disqualification by association’ legislation. They also understand that candidates, especially NQTs, need to be nurtured and given their rightful access to CPD. Yet critically those consultants can join the dots to ensure that, whenever they cross a client’s threshold, the educator concerned is fully compliant with every contemporary legislative demand. Indeed we’ll often go beyond what is required by law (providing photo ID for example). Moreover, of course, we endeavour to provide staff who have the skills, experiences and temperaments which suit the environments in which they must work.

We see ourselves as fulfilling a very real need in a dynamic environment where headteachers and their staff face new challenges every day. So we’re honest brokers who even-handedly represent absolutely everybody to create win-win-win staffing solutions. We have to operate at a profit as you’d expect, but we’re financially secure so we’re more discretion-driven than propelled by profit.

If you’re a headteacher in Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, South Staffordshire, Walsall, Wolverhampton or Worcestershire then we should speak even if you don’t have an immediate need. If you’re a candidate who offers any of the following then you need to speak with us too!


Early Years, Middle, Primary and SEN Generalists, Art, Art and Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Dance, Design and Technology, Drama, Economics, English, Food Technology, French, Geography, German, History, Humanities, ICT, Mathematics, Media Studies, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, PE, Physics, RE, Resistant Materials, Science, Social Science, Sociology, Spanish and Textiles.

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