Benefits & Well-being

We understand the wellbeing of our employees is important. We believe our workforce is our strength and we want to look after our employees by going that extra mile for them, so a new well-being initiative is in progress. We have started by asking our team members the right questions about how they feel, their lifestyle and what types of things they would like to access to enhance their health and make them feel good. Our health and well-being survey is being undertaken in conjunction with ‘nullam well-being’ and will enable us to plan a range of relevant enrichment activities and services that can be accessed via the workplace. Imagine doing meditation in your lunch break or accessing dietary advice on a one to one basis.

We have appointed several Well-being Ambassadors in our offices to take a lead in some of our health initiatives with a plan to have someone to undertake this role in each office, to help support the wellbeing of our employees. Our investment in this project demonstrates how high this is on our agenda and reflects our motivation to truly make a difference to our workforce.

Of course, we also realise that one of the main factors in healthiness, is being happy in your job and we pride ourselves in a supportive culture, where team members help each other out when it matters most.

Knowing what your goals are, meeting clear expectations and feeling valued because someone has noticed your hard work leads to job satisfaction which are important underpinning attributes to a happy working life, find out more about Operam Education Group.

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