Teaching Assistant Jobs in Worcester

First for Education has been a driving force in supporting TAs to find teaching assistant jobs in Worcester for over twenty years. If you want to make a positive impact in a Worcester school while providing essential support to teachers, consider being a teaching assistant.

The duties of teaching assistants in Worcester consist of a varied range of duties and responsibilities which include supporting teachers to prepare lessons, getting the class ready at the start of the day and assisting students in the classroom. There are many TA roles to choose from and some of the teaching assistant jobs include:

  • Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA)
  • SEN teaching assistants
  • Part-time teaching assistants
  • Supply teaching assistants
  • Learning support assistants
  • PPA (Planning, preparation and assessment) teachers


teaching assistant jobs in worcester

Why Become a Teaching Assistant in Worcester?

When you become a teaching assistant in Worcester, you’ll be making a meaningful contribution to the successful progression of the students as well as being a supportive force for teachers. You’ll play an important role in creating a positive learning environment in the classroom that benefits everyone. Other reasons to become a TA in Worcester include:

  • Making a meaningful impact in the academic and personal development of students in Worcester schools.
  • TA jobs offer diverse opportunities for working in academies, secondary schools, sixth forms and primary schools in Worcester.
  • A collaborative environment where teaching assistants work closely with qualified teachers to create a supportive atmosphere. This also provides an opportunity to exchange ideas with an experienced team of educators.
  • Future opportunities for teaching assistants who wish to use the role as a stepping stone to further their career. Becoming a TA provides valuable first-hand experience in the teaching profession and allows you to make an informed decision about your future in the education sector.

Find Teaching Assistant Jobs in Worcester

The way the First for Education website has been built makes searching for the right TA vacancy easy. To find teaching assistant jobs in Worcester, simply use the special search filters that allow you to identify the sector, key stage and local authority you’d like to work in. You can click CURRENT VACANCIES to see the most recent teaching assistant vacancies in Worcester.


Alternatively, you can register with us using the registration portal and let one of our experienced agents support you in your job search.

Teaching Assistant Training and Development in Worcester

It will be necessary for you to gain a teaching assistant qualification from a recognised TA course before you can work in a school in Worcester. Unqualified TAs are required to accept a work experience placement in a Worcester school while completing their studies. Throughout this process, the experts at First for Education will support you in finding the perfect placement. As a leading education recruitment agency, the experienced consultants understand how intimidating the early days of being a TA can be. This is why all registered candidates have access to free teaching resources, helpful TA information and continuous professional development to help build confidence in their new roles.

If you think it’s time to steer your teaching career in a new direction, then perhaps it’s time to consider becoming a teaching assistant in Worcester. To get more information about TA jobs, contact our team of professionals or alternatively, register via the portal online.

Teaching Assistant Jobs in Worcester FAQs

What qualifications are needed to be a teaching assistant in Worcester?

To become a teaching assistant in Worcester, you won’t need a degree but you will need to gain a teaching assistant qualification from a recognised TA course. In and around Worcester, you will find a range of teaching assistant courses and most of them have GCSE entry requirements. Depending on how you’d like to progress as a TA, there are a variety of teaching assistant qualifications to choose from. Some of the recognised TA qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education
  • T Level in Education and Early Years
  • Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools
  • Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 4 Certificate in Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

There are also options for apprenticeships like the Teaching Assistant Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship

What is the best way to get a teaching assistant job in Worcester?

Registering with First for Education is the best route to finding a teaching assistant job in Worcester. By choosing a dedicated education recruitment agency like First for Education, you can be confident that you will be supported by over two decades of experience while you search for the ideal TA job. You’ll also be aided by expert recruitment consultants who are knowledgeable about the needs of Worcester schools. Additionally, the website is built to facilitate your search and features custom filters that allow you to highlight your preferred key stage and local authority. So whether you are looking for a part-time TA role in Warndon or a full-time teaching assistant job in Lower Wick, First for Education will be there to assist you.

Unqualified teaching assistants are required to find a work experience placement while they study for their TA qualifications. The consultants are First for Education and will help you to find a suitable placement. As a part of the work experience placement, you will also need to complete DBS checks. By registering with First for Education you will be at an advantage as your DBS compliance checks are done at the time of registration.

Is there a demand for teaching assistants in Worcester?

There is a demand for teaching assistants in Worcester and this can be seen in the amount of teaching assistant vacancies in the area. The types of teaching assistants in demand will vary depending on the type of school and its requirements. Expert consultants at First for Education have observed a variety of teaching assistant roles waiting to be filled in Worcester including early years teaching assistants and pre-school teaching assistants. In areas like Barbourne and Hanley Castle, you’ll find roles for 1-1 teaching assistants and HLTAs. No matter where in Worcester your search takes you, First for Education will help you to find the perfect teaching assistant role that suits your skills and experience.

What is the career progression of a teaching assistant in Worcester?

The career progression for teaching assistants in Worcester will differ depending on individual circumstances, aspirations and qualifications. There are numerous routes to take when it comes to advancing as a TA. Some teaching assistants choose to specialise in a particular area such as teaching English as a second language and go on to become an EAL teaching assistant, while others gain further qualifications and become higher-level teaching assistants or HLTAs. Whichever way you choose to pursue your TA career, First for Education will support you all the way.


What is the difference between Level 2 and Level 3 teaching assistants in Worcester?

The distinction between level 3 and level 3 teaching assistants in Worcester primarily lies in their qualifications, the scope of educational assistance they provide and their level of experience. Level 3 teaching assistants typically hold advanced qualifications such as a diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in schools. These level 3 teaching assistants also carry a higher degree of responsibility within the classroom setting, often working independently and demonstrating initiative with students. In contrast, level 2 teaching assistants work under the guidance of the classroom teacher and don’t work with pupils on a 1-1 basis. Their role typically involves providing generalised classroom support while level 3 TAs may possess more specialised skills to aid students with special educational needs, among other tasks.

What is the pay scale for a teaching assistant in Worcester?

In Worcester, the pay scale for teaching assistants differs depending on your qualifications, the type of school you work in and your level of experience. Early career teaching assistants can earn a starting salary of around £14,000 and more experienced teaching assistants could earn around £21,000 per year.* Higher-level teaching assistants with advanced qualifications have the potential to earn a higher salary due to their increased qualifications and experience. Depending on the local authority and the type of school, these figures can vary. To get the most up-to-date information on teaching assistant salaries in Worcester, you can refer to the pay scales provided by the local authority, schools and academies in the area.

*Information about teaching assistant salaries taken from https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/job-profiles/teaching-assistant

What are the duties and responsibilities of a teaching assistant in Worcester?

In Worcester, TAs have numerous duties and responsibilities that support a successful school day. From preparing the classroom for the day to supporting teachers with lesson planning, the duties of teaching assistants play an important role in creating an environment where students thrive. Some other teaching assistant duties include:

  • Promoting positive behaviour and watching for occurrences of challenging behaviour
  • Offering first aid to students.
  • Listening to pupils read in the classroom.
  • Supporting teachers and pupils on outdoor activities and offsite trips.
  • Sourcing materials for class activities.
  • Supporting pupils in the playground during break times.
  • Preparing extra-curricular activities such as after-school clubs and breakfast clubs.
  • Monitoring pupil’s progress and providing feedback to teachers